Instagram January Book Challenge

For 2017, @literatos_apprentice and I have decided to host a book challenge! We’re all excited and hope you join us! This post is basically a breakdown, explaining what you have to do for each day to help out the ones who are confused. If you have anymore questions you can DM me or @literatos_apprentice on Instagram or just leave a comment on our posts. So without further ado, let’s get started! 😀

to celebrate the wedding of.png

  1. NYE – a book that has a New Years Eve scene.
  2. Define 2016 – a book that perfectly describes how 2016 was for you.
  3. #Throwback – your own favourite post from 2016 (basically a repost)
  4. Resolution – your bookish resolution for 2017; this could be then number of books you aim to read this year or maybe even what kind of genre you want to diversify to.
  5. Favourite book-turned-movie – a book which got turned into a movie that you love.
  6. Guilty pleasures – books that you’re shy to discuss with other people but highly enjoy reading.
  7. DNF-ed – a book you never finished.
  8. Anticipated read of 2017 – a book you look forward to reading in 2017/ comes out this year.
  9. Colourful books – throw in some colours in your pictures!
  10. Icy covers – a book that has snow, ice or anything cold and wintery on it’s cover.
  11. Comfort books – a book or genre you’re most confident about reading, that you know you’ll love no matter what.
  12. Fairy lit –  a bookish picture containing fairy lights, or any kind of lights/fairies you have.
  13. Fictional character you’d kill –  a fictional character you hate.
  14. Fictional character you’d marry – a fictional character you love.
  15. Hot drinks + books – a picture of your favourite hot drink with book.
  16. Flowers + books – a picture containing flowers with books.
  17. Shoes + books – your favourite pair of shoes with books.
  18. Snacks + books – a picture of munchies with books.
  19. Accessories + books – your everyday accessories or maybe something fancy with books.
  20. Book role model – a fictional character you look up to and who’s steps you try to follow.
  21. Book that got you hooked – the book that made you a bookworm.
  22. Book that made you laugh – a book you found hilarious.
  23. Favourite fairytale – your favourite fairytale or retelling.
  24. Festivities – festive books or a picture of books with a festive background or props.
  25. Book shadow – make shadows with or on books.
  26. Missed fictional character – a dead fictional character that you miss the most.
  27. Worst of 2016 – worst books you’ve read in 2016.
  28. Black and white – snap a picture of all your black and white books.
  29. Book tower – make a tower with books and show it off!
  30. Wanderlust – a book that involves travelling.
  31. Must read in 2017 – books you plan on reading on 2017

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