November Book Challenge (Instagram)

Yes, I know it’s meant for bookstagrams but I’m bored and I really like how my challenge for this month is planned out. What I plan to do here is to post a few pictures here together at a time but none of them before the day they’re meant to be posted. The captions here are all also going to be related to the picture/books unlike in my instagram feed, where I usually talk about my day. Leave a comment to talk about any of the pictures or books of the day, I love talking to you guys <3!

The Challenge


This month, I chose to do the #BookishScavengerHunt16 created by Christy, Bridget, Eden and Jessi over on instagram. Their feeds are so gorgeous, you all MUST give them a follow!

1. Title With The Word “You”


This is one book that I’m not ready to read, and if you’ve read Me Before You I know you understand why. So I can’t really say much about this book except that I’ve actually gotten loads of mixed reviews which confused me even more. xD

2. Cover With No Pictures, Just Words


I hadn’t been able to take any pictures for the challenge yet, so I used the picture from stock. I read it a few days ago and I couldn’t help smiling through the whole book. The writing felt so familiar, I was transferred back to the days when the Magical World was still new to me, when I was still learning about their abilities and discoveries. I was a witch again, reading about about creatures living in my own world and it kind of broke me all over again when I was done reading the books (I read the Tales of Beedle the Bard and Quidditch Through the Ages after this too).

3. Bloody Book


Red Queen is a series that I have no plans on continuing because even though I liked it, it didn’t engulf me enough to actually go and buy the second book. Or to put it otherwise, I had other books in mind that I’d rather buy with that money. I got a kind of Hunger Games vibe from the story, as I’ve mentioned in my review of this book which could’ve been a good thing, but somehow just didn’t do the job correctly. I’ll admit that it caught me off guard towards the end which did affect my rating, but I still stand by the fact the I’ll not be reading Glass Sword anytime soon.

4. Book With Stars


This isn’t even my book; my brother had to buy it for school. But I do plan on reading it. Someday.

5. Book Based in New York


November 9 used to be my favourite CoHo book until I read It Ends With Us, but that’s another story altogether. I don’t know why I seemed to like it so much because even I understood how cheesy, cliched and absolutely far fetched the whole thing was. I think I was PMSing or something when I read it, but you know the feeling just stays with you. I actually won this copy on a giveaway, and it’s also the first of CoHo’s books that I own as well!

6. Weapon on Cover


I started out this series before actually owning any of the books. After I finished Crown of Midnight, I had to wait for 3 months before I got my hands on Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows, by which time I had lost the excitement of continuing the series. I lost track and decided I’ll give it a go from the beginning next year (which is like a month away, oh my god). I am a fan of the series tbh, but I’ve heard that it kind of sucks from the third book. I still plan on finishing the series though, and hope to grab a copy of Empire of Storms asap as well.

7. Title With A Name


I’m not a huge fan of John Green’s books but I’ll have to admit that Will Grayson, Will Grayson is a great read. I loved all the characters so much, especially Tiny because of his sass and his overall attitude. I love positive characters, people who stand up for themselves and don’t give a rat’s ass about what people think (to an extent). I cry-laughed through 80% of the book and hung on to it long after I was done reading.

8. One Word Title


I love Dan Brown’s works (with the exception of The Lost Symbol, but thank God I read that one first) and Inferno is probably my second favourite of his books. It’s admittedly much slower to begin with and does throw out a lot more information than you can handle but it all comes together very nicely halfway through the book. After that, you can barely hold onto the pages as the story proceeds at breakneck speed. Mystery thriller is one of my favourite genres and this book is the perfect example for the reason.

9. Cover With A City


I started this book a couple of times, both a few days before some exam or event which led me to give up about 10 chapters through. I hope I can finish it though, because I’ve heard high praises for it.

10. Retelling


Same as with the Throne of Glass series, I started out this one without actually owning the rest of the books. I love fairytale retellings and even though I’ve watched loads of movies as such, I never got to actually read a book based on it. I loved Cinder and I’m so excited to read Scarlet and Cress!

11. Book About Love


It Ends With Us is such a powerful and realistic book. While CoHo usually deals cliched love stories with the amazing characters and amazing plot twists, this one feels personal whether or not you can relate to it. If you’re a CoHo fan and haven’t read it, I suggest you get into the book with NO INFORMATION about the story whatsoever. You can feel it in her writing how attached she is to the story and how much it means to her. One of the best reads in 2016, hands down.

12. Cover With An Animal


I’ve actually not read any of Gaiman’s books before but I’ve heard so much about him! Will read this when I get a chance. On another note, how pretty it that cover?!

13. Foreign Editions


As I’d mentioned on my instagram post, I’m not sure if this one counts. Technically, it should, right? I have two sets of the series, The UK version which the one I bought and read until all the books had worn out, and the US version which is my favourite one to just stare at. I mean look at it!

14. Cover With Food


My first Agatha Christie book, which is pretty surprising seeing that I’m a huge murder mystery fan. It’s also literally the only book I own which has anything related to food on the cover. Wish I had a pumpkin to use as prop when I took the picture. I love the story, by the way. I kind of like her writing. It might seem like the stories are actually written for twins, but the language is actually a little more advanced than the ones I read as a tween (that’s might just be me I guess) so they’re pretty good for any age group.

15. Title With A Number


Another book I’ve heard loads about, but never got a chance to read. I have a gist about the plot but not enough to actually explain to people what it’s about. I know it’s a dystopian, and actually the first one so I’m pretty excited to read it.

15. Rainbow Cover


I don’t have any books with a rainbow cover, although I have my eye out for my own copy of I’ll Give You the Sun. I just went with a rainbow books tag, and I’ll admit I was pretty happy with how many pretty new books I’ve gotten for myself since I started this whole book blogging.

17. Cover With a Castle


Judith McNaught’s books are my true guilty pleasures, and it’s not because of all the sex either cause I’m okay with all that ish. It’s just that she makes out all women protagonists to be strong, driven characters but with low confidence in themselves and who lose their heads over the male protagonist even when they’re assholes. They all feel like the same characters just in different stories, with unrealistic villains, royalty (secret or otherwise), bankruptcy in some party or another, and a whole of unnecessary drama that could simply have been avoided if characters just talked to each other instead of listening to rumours. Despite all this, the books make me swoon, giggle and hide my face under the blankets, and just needed once in a while, you feel me?

18. Book With Flowers


This is the only Sidney Sheldon book that I haven’t read and when I finally spotted it at my University bookstore I practically whooped in delight. I love the cover and texture and even though I’ve heard that it’s one of the worse ones of his books, I know for a fact that Sheldon never disappoints.

19. Book About Magic


still  haven’t read the Cursed Child and I’m so terrified to, really. I know it won’t be the same and I’ll end up denying the fact that this story even exists. I’ve heard some major spoilers about the book though and I hope it’s somehow justified through the story about how any of these events occur because it’s completely out of character. I wish J.K. Rowling hadn’t allowed a story about Harry grown up and just made a spin off like Fantastic Beasts.

20. Book With A Long Title


The Curious Incident was surprisingly a wonderful read. I loved Haddon’s writing style and how real all the characters were. I thought it would be a kids book, but I eventually realized (after I got to all the swearing part) that it wasn’t the case. The perspective felt refreshing and made me see the world in a completely different way. For a full review of the book, click here.

21. Book Set In Space


Illuminae is my first hardcover book and it’s so beautiful. I still haven’t gotten around to reading it, and I really hope I don’t get confused because of the writing either. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a science fiction, but I can’t read it anytime soon because I have some other books lined up for my next read.

22. Book With A Map


I’m all caught up with the T.V. show but I haven’t actually gotten round to finishing A Game of Thrones. I did  start but I got nervous as I progressed, knowing exactly what was coming. I was enjoying it though, but had to give up midway because of Eid. Hopefully, will be able to continue where I left off soon.

23. Book Set In Another Time


I have heard nothing but praises about this book. Probably won’t be able to read it this year though. :/

24. Spell “THANKFUL”


We don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving where I live…

25. Embossed Book


It’s embossed, I swear. It’s just not visible. -.- I have no idea how this one is, can anyone who’s read it give me their opinions?

26. Oldest Book On My Shelf


 The first time I read Sherlock Holmes was back in grade 5 for school, and I loved it so much! This is a copy that I stole from our school library (eheheh) in grade 6. It was literally falling apart back when I “borrowed” it for the first time so you don’t even want to see the pages inside now. xD

27. Design On Spine


It’s no secret that I love the cover of the Night Circus to bits, but look at that detail on the spine! I adore this book so much, it’s not even funny. Highly recommend this book, it’s one of the best books I’ve read this year. ❤

28. Couple On Cover

28I didn’t like Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park (it was a bit over-hyped for me), and Fangirl (which I couldn’t even finish) so when I couple of my friends suggested we buddy read it, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. But it turned out to be such an amazing read! It gives off a Harry Potter parody vibe, and feels like you’re dropped in the middle of some war with no idea whatsoever about anything around you. However, everything is explained eventually, and nothing is left out. For my full review, click here.

29. Multiple Point of Views


A Thousand Splendid Suns is my all-time favourite book. I bawled my eyes out like 80% of the book. It was such a heart wrenching story and everything was so real, you couldn’t help but connect to the characters.

30. Stained Pages


To Kill A Mockingbird is probably the most beaten-up book that I own. I would buy a new copy, but I’d rather spend the money on new book. And I would never even think about giving this away because old, used books are bae. ❤


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